Machine vision is automated visual inspection. The  components of a machine vision system include one or more cameras, optics,  lighting, a computer and software to process images of a part in production to  discern features of interest in the image. These features could be the width,  surface quality, reflectance, transmittance and/or location of an object.  Machine vision software isolates these features and interprets them to quantify  a parameter of interest. In general, machine vision can reduce labor costs,  reduce worker boredom, ensure consistent product marking, allow increased  production volumes due to high speed product inspection and ensure all  products are inspected in the same way. 

The success of a machine vision project demands integration of the vision  system within the existing production process. The right selection of the  components can make all the difference in the performance and efficiency of the  machine vision system. One key component is the lighting. Front end lighting  systems feature high contrast and backlit systems which require uniform radiation  distribution. Labsphere’s integrating sphere systems can be configured with  current regulated incandescent lamps to produce a uniform field of radiance or  irradiance appropriate for an application to create a total solution.

Labsphere’s Uniform Source Systems are used to uniformly back light systems for  machine vision applications.



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