名称: UHE-33太阳模拟器AAA科学级

型号: UHE-33

品牌: Nmerry努美/Sciencetech

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这款ASTM E-927 AAA类太阳能模拟器能够照亮33x33cm的区域。UHE-33包括一个框架和用于安装UHE-33的支架。集成的支架允许用户简单地将样品放置在距UHE-33输出平面适当距离的位置。标准光谱范围是从400 nm到1100 nm。该模拟器配有AM1.5G空气过滤器(也可选配其他AM过滤器),电源和弧光灯。






(UHE-33) Solar Simulator Sciencetech Class AAA - 30 cm x 30 cm

Sciencetech is proud to offer our new line of Ultra-High Efficiency solar simulators. 

By utilizing a completely new design for the beam homogenizer, the UHE systems are capable of far more efficiency and power unit than previously possible. 

This all possible without sacrificing temporal stability, spatial uniformity, or spectral matching.


This ASTM E-927 Class AAA Solar Simulator is capable of illuminating a 33x33cm area. The UHE-33 includes a frame and stand for mounting the UHE-33. The integrated stand allows the user to simply place their samples at the appropriate distance from the output plane of the UHE-33. The standard spectral range is from 400 nm to 1100 nm. The simulator comes complete with an AM1.5G air mass filter (optional other AM filters are also available), power supply and arc lamp.


Sciencetech also offers extended spectral matching, both in the 300-400nm range and 1100-1800nm. Please speak to your authorized technical sales staff member for more information.

Name (UHE-33) Solar Simulator Sciencetech Class AAA - 30 cm x 30 cm
Target Size 33x33 cm (13"x13")
Typical Power Output 1 Sun
Uniformity Classification Class A
Power Requirements 100-265VAC/10A
Collimation Angle 5º half angle
Lamp Power 1.6 kW
Working Distance from 110 cm upto 130 cm
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Continuous or Flash Continuous,



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