名称: SF-150-B小型准直光束太阳模拟器

型号: SF-150-B

品牌: Nmerry努美/Sciencetech

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SF-150-B,150 W小型准直光束太阳模拟器,ABA级 


光斑尺寸:25毫米(1” )直径在1太阳


光斑大小(带有可选的光束车工):25毫米(1” )在1太阳









* SF-150B可以在1个太阳照射下产生直径**为50mm(2“)的光斑,但是会将规格缩小到CBA级,与出口的工作距离小于25mm(1”)。


(SF-150-B) Small Collimated Beam Solar Simulator, 150 W, Class ABA

Class: ABA

Spot size: 25 mm (1”) diameter at 1 sun

Working distance: 100-130mm (4-5”) from exit port

Spot size (with optional beam turner): 25 mm (1”) at 1 sun

Working distance (with optional beam turner): 40-70mm (1.5-3”) from output port

Collimation: 1 degree half angle

Sciencetech Power Supply: (601-150) Adjustable Power Supply with Touchscreen Control


The SF-150-B is a low cost 150W solar simulator system for applications requiring a more collimated beam or more UV production than provided by our SLB series. The SF-150-B includes arc lamp housing, bulb, power supply with igniter, filter holder, manual shutter, and UV fused silica lenses. 


Available Air Mass filters include AM0, AM1.0, AM1.5 direct and global, and AM2.0. Other filters such as dichroic filters and bandpass filters are available for further modification of the spectrum. Filters are sold separately; please specify which filters should be sent with the solar simulator when ordering. 


*The SF-150B can produce up to 50mm (2") diameter spot size at 1 sun, but will reduce the specifications to Class CBA, with a working distance <25mm (1") from exit port.

Name (SF-150-B) Small Collimated Beam Solar Simulator,
150 W, Class ABA
Target Size 25 mm diameter
Typical Power Output 500 mW
Uniformity Classification Class B
Power Requirements 110-115V/60 Hz or 220-240V/ 50Hz
Collimation Angle 1.0 degree (half angle)
Lamp Power 150 W
Working Distance 100-130 mm
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Classification ABA
Continuous or Flash Continuous,



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