名称: A4-LA125光纤输出太阳模拟器

型号: A4-LA125

品牌: Nmerry努美/Sciencetech

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(A4-LA125)具有LA125均质光学元件的A4 LightLine,120 / 220VAC


Solar LightLine系列光纤太阳模拟器是太阳模拟器行业的一场革命。借助Solar LightLine,您可以将AAA级太阳能灯直接引向您想要的任何地方。太阳模拟器的经典设计要求您将样品带到太阳模拟器。现在您可以将太阳模拟器带到您的样品中!这使得Solar LightLine系列光纤太阳模拟器非常适合无法容纳传统笨重太阳模拟器的研究。




工作距离:150至200 mm 

目标尺寸:25 x 25 mm 




强度可调节性:5个增量,可选计算机控制滤镜轮以功率电平的大约1 / 5、2 / 5、3 / 5和4/5的步长进行衰减










(A4-LA125) A4 LightLine with LA125 Homogenizing Optics, 120/220VAC

The Sciencetech Solar LightLine series of fiberized solar simulators are a revolution in the solar simulator industry. With the Solar LightLine you can direct the Class AAA solar light anywhere you want. Classic designs for solar simulators require you to bring your sample to the solar simulator. Now you can bring the solar simulator to your sample! This makes the Sciencetech Solar LightLine series of fiberized solar simulators ideal for research that just can't accommodate traditional bulky solar simulators. Now you can get solar light into a glove box without mounting the entire solar simulator in the glove box. The standard 4 foot long fiber makes the simulator ideal for doing spot checks of devices on manufacturing lines or in dedicated setups that can't accommodate a bulky solar simulator. Target size can be changed with different projection optics options (see brochure.)


Working Distance: 150 to 200 mm

Target Size: 25 by 25 mm

Intensity: Up to 4 suns with AM1.5G

Size of homogenizer: 2.2” Diameter 

Length of light guide: 4 feet

Intensity Adjustability: 5 increments with optional computer controlled filter wheel allowing attenuation in steps of roughly 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 and 4/5 of power level


Conformity with IEC and JIS standards for spectral matching, non-uniformity, and temporal instability is available. Please contact your Sciencetech Technical Representative for details.


Power supply tuneability allows for variable power adjustments.

Includes computer controlled high intensity shutter.

Includes touchscreen power supply (611-1K).

Includes one 1kW Xenon short arc lamp.

Does not include an air mass filter.


Name (A4-LA125) A4 LightLine with LA125 Homogenizing Optics, 120/220VAC
Target Size 25x25mm
Typical Power Output 4 Suns
Uniformity Classification A
Power Requirements 120VAC, 8A
Collimation Angle +/- 10 deg
Lamp Power 1000W
Working Distance 10cm
Spectral Match Classification A
Temporal Instability Classification A
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Continuous or Flash Continuous,



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