名称: UHE-33H高准直太阳模拟器

型号: UHE-33H

品牌: Nmerry努美/Sciencetech

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请注意,此设备需要3m(**小)的垂直空间和3m(**小)的水平空间(占地面积为3m x 1m x 3m)。


(UHE-33H) Highly Collimated Solar Simulator

Sciencetech is proud to offer our new line of Ultra-High Efficiency solar simulators. 

By utilizing a completely new design for the beam homogenizer, the UHE systems are capable of far more efficiency and power unit than previously possible. All this without sacrificing temporal stability, spatial uniformity, or spectral matching.

This Class AAA Solar Simulator is capable of illuminating a 10x10cm area and includes an integrated housing to allow the user to simply place their samples at the appropriate distance. It also includes the required optics to increase the collimation to 0.5 degrees, allowing the testing of large Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) cells, and for other applications requiring highly collimated solar light.

The simulator comes complete with an AM1.0D air mass filter (optional other AM filters are also available), power supply and arc lamp.

Sciencetech also offers extended spectral matching, both in the 300-400nm range and 1100-1800nm. 


Please note that this device requires a 3m (minimum) vertical space, and 3m (minimum) horizontal space (the footprint is 3m x 1m x 3m).

Name (UHE-33H) Highly Collimated Solar Simulator
Target Size 10x10 cm (4"x4")
Typical Power Output 1 sun
Uniformity Classification Class A
Power Requirements 100-265VAC/10A
Collimation Angle 0.5º half angle
Lamp Power 1.6 kW
Working Distance 3 meter
Spectral Match Classification Class A
Temporal Instability Classification Class A
Classification Triple A (AAA)
Continuous or Flash Continuous,



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