名称: 36个单元大面积太阳照明器LASI

型号: 36 LASI

品牌: Nmerry努美/Sciencetech

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每个单元都有一个单相电源,需要220VAC / 10A。


Large Area Solar Illuminator (LASI), Thirty-Six Units (3x3m)

This is for a 36-unit set of LASI, designed to illuminate up to a 3x3m target with excellent three dimensional uniformity. All LASI systems operate with Xe arc lamps and therefore with the solar color temperature of 6,000 K. This allows the LASI to be used in applications that vary with depth, as opposed to generating only 2D uniformity on a single plane.

This price does include a basic frame to hold the LASI at the correct distance from the target plane.

This device is capable of Class C Spectral compliance and Class B temporal instability. Uniformity is typically ±15% over the central area.

Each unit has a single phase power supply and requires 220VAC/10A.

Name Large Area Solar Illuminator (LASI), Thirty-Six Units (3x3m)
Target Size 3 x 3 m
Typical Power Output 1000 W/m2
Uniformity Classification Less than C
Power Requirements 220VAC/10A
Collimation Angle +/- 10 degrees
Lamp Power 36 x 1.6 kW
Working Distance 1 m
Spectral Match Classification C
Temporal Instability Classification B
Classification Less than ACA
Continuous or Flash Continuous,



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